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It's basically a sheet of 3/8" plaster board, 1/2" rock lath over that, and then finished with a skim coat of finish plaster.

I have this problem with every single pair of shoes I own. You may have just solved my entire shoe problem, not just running but work too. I got one that came with a pair of dress shoes I got. You can fix a lot of minor fit problems in running shoes by simply lacing them differently. I see this in my ...

I'm planning on designing my Save The Dates soon and I was looking for some inspiration. Anyone willing, please post pictures of your Save The Dates. Here are our Save The Dates! We had our custom watercolor fox portrait Save the Dates designed by an old friend of my husband's, Meera Lee.

It never hurts to take it to a cobbler, but I don't know that they could fix it permanently. I don't know if they could do anything, buy cobblers are inventive folks, and might be able to do something.

Sticky Sole


I recently took a pair of quite old Ecco shoes from storage and found out that the soles had become soft and sticky, rendering the shoes unusable.

All reviews say the quality of the tools is crap so I want a good quality one. Everyone loves magnetized screwdrivers. so I bought this set and it seems to be of good quality so far. The screwdriver set I linked is extremely helpful and comes with almost all of the pieces that I've needed. I can spend a 100$...

The only way to fix it is to consciously fix it. On top of those shoes, I would generally wear insoles in them for more stability and support. so I'm not sure that you have to wear stability shoes.

Old Baseboard


I removed baseboards in a few rooms where I had done work and the drywall was removed to the top of the baseboards. Also, can I caulk or use expanding foam to seal up any gaps between the floor and wall behind the baseboards? Do I need to repair that before putting the baseboards on. Im the one that brutalizes drywall behind baseboards....

I only buy expensive shoes and I usually get 10 years out of every pair, but I end up loving them so much that when the sole finally splits I can't bear to throw them away. Yep, I used to have like a see through mold of shoe goo on the right foot because my parents thought skate shoes cost...

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